Terms of Use

1. Waanka is free to use on a WI-FI connection. Please check your mobile network operator contract with regards to costs of data consumed via their network.

2. Its for recording,uploading, sharing videos from your mobile device, made by you for the waanka community.

3. Its for anyone over 18 yrs of age.

4. Waanka is an open video sharing platform so you understand that videos uploaded to waanka maybe viewed by any other member of the waanka community.

5. Its not for uploading copyrighted, illegal,hateful, ,adult, obscene, sexual, nude, content or any content deemed as offensive by other members of the waanka community.

6. You also confirm that you own the distribution and/or copyrights to any video you upload to waanka.

7. If you abuse these terms we reserve the right to delete your account and your videos without notice.

8. If you want to report videos that breach these terms please send e-mailabuse@waanka.com or report a video using the ‘flag’ symbol.

9. Waanka does not monitor content uploaded to the service.

10. Waanka reserves the right to remove any video from the service at anytime for any reason whatsoever.

11. Waanka reserves the right to ban or delete any user who abuses the comments function by posting offensive,obscene,illegal comments to videos.

12.You are advised not to post any personal contact information via the video comments function, such as name,telephone number,address,e-mail address.
Or any other contact method. If you choose to do so you accept full responsibility for any consequences as a result.

13. You are advised to not arrange to meet any other person on waanka that you do not already know.
If you choose to do so, you accept full responsibility for any consequences.

14. You agree that by using waanka you accept these terms and you are responsible for the content you upload to waanka.

15. You agree that videos you upload to waanka can be used for such things as promotional campaigns,images videos,press releases.

16. You confirm that you are responsible to ensure that signing up for using waanka in your country of choice or residence is legal to do so , and that anything you post to waanka including videos, comments or chat messages are in compliance with relevant laws, you also confirm that watching videos on waanka is legal to do in the country you are accessing the service from. You hereby agree to hold harmless waanka, its shareholders, management,employees,agents,partners,contractors,investors , ISPs, in the event that you breach any law whatsoever regarding any use whatsoever of waanka in your country of residence or choice.

17. You understand that videos uploaded to waanka maybe be distributed to other websites, social networks, and digital distribution channel by other members of the waanka community or by waanka itself via its digital distribution channels.

18. You agree that Screenshots, stills, taken from videos uploaded by you maybe used in promotional campaigns for waanka, featured on the waanka website http://waanka.com, featured on various promotional channels, app stores, e-mail campaigns, press releases, or any other website or digital distribution channel.

19. You retain ownership of videos uploaded to waanka but grant waanka a perpetual, non exclusive video content distribution license applicable to any global digital distribution channel whatsoever.

20. We may from time to time send you e-mails informing you of News / changes / updates to waanka – you may remove yourself from these updates by sending and e-mail to remove@waanka.com sent from the e-mail address you wish removed.

21. You agree that we may send to you by e-mail to the e-mail address configured to your Waanka account, promotional offers of other apps for your device from our app developer partners. You may unsubscribe from this service at anytime.

22. You accept full responsibility for any consequences whatsoever for any action that may result from uploading a video to waanka.

23. You will indemnify and hold waanka, its directors, officers, contractors, employees, partners and investors, harmless including costs and legal /attorneys’ fees, from any claim, demand or action as a result of any content or comment uploaded or posted to the Waanka application by you.

24. Chat – Waanka provides a free chat room(s) to its users on the following conditions:

— Users respect at all times other users of the chat.

— You agree not to post messages that are sexual, obscene, hateful, illegal, spam, foul language to the chat, or any other personally offensive messages to other user(s).

— You agree not to post private contact information including but not limited to telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, physical addresses, IM contact information, and if you ignore this, you accept full responsibility, any and all consequences of doing so.

— You agree not to post commercial or promotional messages to the chat.

— You accept that if you post messages that breach any of these terms your access to the chat maybe blocked without notice.

25. DMCA Notice

— If you think any of your copyrighted content has been uploaded by a user to waanka please inform us and we will investigate it and remove it immediately upon confirmation of any infringement.
Please e-mail the notification to DMCA@waanka.com

— You can also use the ‘flag‘ video function on the video page concerned – This will enable us to quickly indentify the video(s) concerned.

— To enable a swift conclusion and take down of content we recommend both steps as outlined above.

— Our policy is of cooperation with content owners In the event of any take down requests of copyrighted content.

26. From time to time we will update these terms and it is your responsibility and as a condition of using waanka that you keep your waanka app updated and by visiting this resource.