Stories Selection

How are stories selected and edited?

Waanka has rotating editorial teams that monitor each day’s news. We research blogs, newspapers, magazines, television and scan the Internet. As part of that process, we utilize a proprietary technology to record and capture content which allows our teams to sift through hours and hours of media in an efficient way.

We are constantly on the lookout for new and fresh perspectives, always searching for new ways to find information.

After we select our sources, we begin to synthesize the final product. We work together to research, write and edit our stories, paying close attention to providing our audience with unique perspectives and analysis of the differences in coverage. Our stories are written by a diverse team of people with many voices working together to create a unique final product.

The final stage of our workflow is the presentation of each news video on our website, on mobile devices and distributed across the Internet.

We want your voice heard as well. That’s why we invite you to comment on every story. Who knows? You may even be part of a Waanka News.