How To Turn Water Into Ice In Seconds, This Really Blew My Mind

Chemically speaking this video is amazing! Check this out:
When you have H2O Hydrogen 2 Oxygen 1, You have water! Now If I’m not mistaken you have a frezzing temp. at 32F. He/She added table salt (NaCl) Sodium Chloride! Which is water soluble at 359g/L, if you measured the H20 at a rounding number of 236 grams for water over Liters which is equivalent to 4.2 cups per 1 Liter, do some math here 236g(4.2) = 991.2. so 359g/L is the common H20 g/L. Now when you take your left hand and shove it up your ass, and pull your brain out, then this shit works.

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