Nosotros no vamos a ver a Alex Rodríguez en el campo esta temporada, pero probablemente vamos a ver algunos carretes de resaltado de su protegido de la escuela secundaria.

Joe Dunand, sobrino de Rodríguez, es un 6-2, el campocorto 210 libras de Gulliver Prep de Miami, quien conectó un jonrón en ocho turnos al bate consecutivos en un torneo de este fin de semana pasado.

He finished the tournament batting an astounding .833 (10-for-12), and was awarded the tournament’s Offensive MVP award before the final game was even played. “It’s the most unbelievable thing,” Gulliver coach Javier Rodriguez said. “I’ve never seen anything like that. It looked like a video game at one point. It didn’t matter what they were trying to throw at him, everything was gone.” Dunand was pretty shocked the opposing pitchers didn’t change their pitch selection or intentionally walk him. “I was surprised, but I wasn’t complaining,” Dunand said. “I was just letting it happen. I was seeing the ball very well. I just hit it and it kept going every time.” [via Miami Herald]

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